Megan Deichler

Associate Program Officer, Basic Medical Research
Associate Program Officer, Biomedical Research Infrastructure

Megan serves as the Associate Program Officer for the Biomedical Research Infrastructure and Basic Medical Research Programs at the Helmsley Charitable Trust. In this role, she supports the management and administration of current grant initiatives focused on biomedical research.

Prior to joining Helmsley, Megan worked under an NYU-affiliated neurologist in a research and administrative capacity. While in this position, she assisted with research on various neurological disorders, helped with the publication of several medical textbooks, and provided administrative support. She also worked with NYU’s Center for Health, Identity, Behavior and Prevention Studies on a longitudinal-cohort study of HIV risk in NYC. While in college, she volunteered in Panama, Poland, and Ethiopia to support numerous grassroots organizations’ public health projects. 

Megan received her Bachelor’s degree from Manhattanville College where she studied biology and international studies. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from NYU.