Wayne Booze

Program Officer, Rural Healthcare Program

Wayne Booze is a Program Officer for the Rural Healthcare Program where he is focusing on the expansion of access to the best standard of diagnostic care for women’s breast health – digital mammography and pre-hospital training and care. Additionally, his technological background helps to streamline the budgeting and grant making functions of the program area.

Before coming to The Trust, Mr. Booze was a senior research analyst with the Government Research Bureau at The University of South Dakota, specializing in survey design and analysis, strategic planning, ordinance revision, and the incorporation of Geographic Information Systems into public policy decision making processes. He also served as an adjunct professor at USD, teaching political science and public administration.

Mr. Booze earned his Master in Public Administration from The University of South Dakota in 2008, honing a deeply rooted interest in public administration. With roots in family farming, Wayne enjoys the great outdoors, including cycling, fishing, camping, hiking and hunting.