A Holistic Approach to Empowering Students in Rural Zambia

In rural Zambia, where many young people face socioeconomic challenges, the Presentation Sisters aim to help community members break the cycle of poverty.

With Helmsley support, they’re increasing educational opportunities for students and adult learners in Kaloma and Kaoma. The Presentations Sisters work to address immediate needs through direct service and work toward systemic change that will address the deeper causes of problems faced by local communities. Both centers in Kaloma and Kaoma offer housing, clean water, access to health services, and nutritional food for children. In Kaoma, they’ve built a new training center, complete with a computer teaching lab and various workshops to hone business skills. There is also an organic farm where workshops provide lessons on compost-making and other sustainable farming techniques.

Watch this video to see how the Presentation Sisters’ holistic approach is empowering students in rural Zambia.