Shining Hope for Communities in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, is one of many places where rapid urbanization has been accompanied by fast-growing informal settlements. Poverty is rife and opportunities for a better life can be sparse. In Kibera, Helmsley grantee Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) is working to change this harsh reality.

Founded by Kennedy Odede in 2004, who himself grew up in Kibera, SHOFCO’s programs encompass healthcare, economic empowerment, education, and clean, safe water. All are key elements to one’s quality of life. With their holistic approach, SHOFCO is improving health outcomes and changing lives. In 2018, SHOFCO received the Hilton Humanitarian Prize for their work to catalyze large-scale, sustainable change in Kenya’s slums – supporting people and communities to reach their full potential. 

With Helmsley support, SHOFCO built and is now operating a new clinic in Mathare, the second largest slum in Nairobi. The clinic offers primary, preventive, and maternal healthcare, child immunizations, and nutrition counseling. Community health workers also provide care beyond the clinic’s walls.

The Guardian wrote about SHOFCO and the enormous potential in Kibera. Check out the series to learn more.