What Grade-Level Math and Reading Look Like

As states across the country adopt the new, more rigorous Common Core State Standards, students and teachers now have clear benchmarks for success on the path to college and career readiness.

The nonprofit GreatSchools recently created a video series that captures key milestones of what a student is expected to learn at each grade level so that parents, too, can understand those benchmarks and know if their kids are on track to graduate from high school prepared for the world ahead.

Working closely with teachers across the country and Common Core-experts from Student Achievement Partners to ensure the content within each video is closely aligned to the new, more rigorous standards, these short, online videos offer parents a free and powerful resource to see what reading, writing and math should look like at different stages and grades. Each video is accompanied by articles and worksheets to give all parents at-home tools to help their children.

View the full Milestones collection of 120 videos, now available in English and Spanish for grades K-5, soon to expand through twelfth grade.