FasterCures' Partnering for Cures


David Panzirer


Partnering for Cures


November 14, 2017 at


San Francisco, CA

Partnering for Cures is an annual meeting convened by the Milken Institute’s FasterCures initiative that connects leaders across disease spaces who are united in their desire to accelerate medical research and development.

At this year’s convening, Helmsley Trustee David Panzirer participated in a panel titled, “A New Generation of Philanthropy Joins the Battle Against Disease.” During the panel, he joined fellow philanthropists to discuss approaches to philanthropy and the obstacles that funders must overcome. David stated that philanthropic institutions must make an effort to understand the full landscape of the area where they plan to make grants in order to be impactful.

David shared the ways Helmsley is supporting efforts to combat the disease, including research into how it can be prevented early in life.