IUCN World Conservation Congress


Robert Cook and Renu Saini


IUCN World Conservation Congress


September 01, 2016 at


Honolulu, Hawaii

Held in Honolulu, Hawaii, the IUCN World Conservation Congress will bring together thousands of leaders in the conservation field from September 1-10, 2016.

At the Congress, Program Officer Renu Saini will moderate a workshop that explores how traditional cultural and ecological practices to produce food around the world can be more sustainable and resilient. As a case study for discussion, grantee Blue Ventures will present on the role of community leadership in their efforts to rebuild small-scale fisheries in Madagascar. 

Program Director Robert Cook will present at a session, titled “Charitable Foundations as Partners,” alongside several other funders and grantees who are collaborating on conservation initiatives. Grantee Fanamby of Madagascar will join the workshop to share experiences and insights on how funders and grantees can work better together.