MetaECHO Conference


Lydia Guterman


MetaECHO Conference


September 11, 2014 at


Albuquerque, NM

Lydia Guterman, a program officer of the Trust’s T1D Program, will deliver opening remarks at a conference hosted by Project ECHO. Project ECHO, or Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes, is a tele-mentoring health delivery model developed to provide medically-underserved populations with increased access to specialty care. Linking community-based clinicians with specialists at university medical centers, the revolutionary model has expanded internationally to address widespread needs of a range of common, chronic diseases.

This first-ever conference of the global ECHO community, titled MetaECHO, gathers replication partners, health policymakers and others interested in maximizing the impact of Project ECHO. Lydia will join a panel discussion about funder-driven novel applications of the ECHO model, such as the Trust’s support for Endo ECHO, an endocrinology-focused pilot designed to bring complex diabetes care to underserved New Mexico.