Helmsley Encourages Preprints for Biomedical Research Grantees

We are excited to announce an important update to our Helmsley grantmaking process, which will now encourage all prospective and current research grantees to list preprint publications in their applications and interim reports.

A preprint is a draft manuscript that has not yet been peer reviewed for formal publication. Using open online platforms, authors submit incomplete or final versions of articles in order to solicit feedback and allow for discoveries to be made publicly available as they occur. If adopted in biomedical research, preprints would assist with the acceleration of scientific progress while removing barriers for sharing research findings.

Following the momentum of Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology (ASAPbio), scientists and funders are increasingly advocating this practice of depositing preprints to improve the pace of research discovery in the life sciences. 

Overall, various stakeholders involved believe that funders can play an integral role in encouraging researchers to utilize this system of publication. Helmsley is delighted to join many foundations now taking steps to encourage researchers to adopt preprints.