Public Gets a Peek at Billings Clinic's New Psych Stabilization Unit

Billings Clinic recently held an open house for its new Helmsley-funded psychiatric stabilization unit (PSU), which will expand emergency behavioral health resources available for patients from a vast rural region. This innovative model is one of five in the country.

Previously, a patient experiencing psychiatric crisis who visited the Billings Clinic emergency department (ED) received an initial medical exam, then waited for an average of nine hours in the emergency department until a psychiatric evaluation could be performed. This wait often exacerbated the patient's crisis, delayed treatment, and contributed to overcrowded and chaotic conditions in the ED. Once the new PSU opens on March 26, a patient in need of emergency psychiatric care will immediately receive an initial medical exam and can be moved directly to the PSU to receive timely and effective care in a comfortable and therapeutic environment.

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