Upcoming Request for Applications (RFA) to Support the Creation of a Gut Cell Atlas

Coming soon: A collaborative Request for Applications (RFA); application instructions now available 

The Helmsley Charitable Trust and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) are partnering to support the continued development of the Human Cell Atlas, an international effort to map all cells in the human body. Full RFA and application instructions for up to 3-year projects are posted here and a common application portal will be open September 18 - November 13, 2018.

Helmsley’s Crohn’s Disease Program, committed to improving the lives of Crohn’s patients while pursuing a cure, will seek applications from principal investigators that will contribute collectively to creating a Gut Cell Atlas, cataloguing the many cell types in the gut. This collaborative effort to understand distinct cell functions and interactions in health and Crohn’s disease will serve as a model for building other comprehensive organ system atlases.

CZI will seek applications to form Seed Networks that will support growth, solidify collaborations, and help generate valuable data and tools for the first draft of the Human Cell Atlas. Seed Networks should consist of at least three principal investigators, including at least one computational biologist or software engineer, together with additional computational biologists, engineers, experimental biologists, and/or physicians.