Diabetes Data Innovation Initiative

Over the past decade, advances in medical device technologies have had a significant impact on the monitoring, management, and treatment of type 1 diabetes (T1D). However, data from the T1D Exchange demonstrates that, due to the complexity of the disease, the majority of people with T1D are not achieving optimal health outcomes despite today’s tools. People with T1D, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers are often overwhelmed by information on insulin dosing, blood glucose values, exercise, meals, and other sources.

If data could be aggregated and transformed into actionable knowledge, it could be used to adjust therapies and better manage daily activities, resulting in improved glucose control, quality of life and health outcomes. Thus, the goal of the Diabetes Data Innovation Initiative (DDII) of the Helmsley Charitable Trust’s T1D Program is to support the development of digital health solutions that enable the use of diabetes data to ease the burden for people with T1D, their caregivers, and healthcare providers.

Since 2009, Helmsley’s T1D Program has made major investments in understanding the disease, developing better treatments and improving care and access - with an overall goal of improving health outcomes. With this funding opportunity, Helmsley seeks programs that enable the use of diabetes data in innovative ways. This initiative is focused on intelligent patient guidance and provider clinical decision support technologies. Integration with consumer, patient, and healthcare professional devices and platforms will likely be essential.


Funding Opportunity Release Date – JUNE 1, 2015

LOI Submission Deadline – JULY 20, 2015

Selected Applicants Proceed to Full Proposal – AUGUST 2015

Full Proposal Submission Deadline – OCTOBER 5, 2015

Anticipated Commencement of Selected Programs – FIRST QUARTER, 2016


For more information and specifics regarding applying, which requires a two-step process, please visit the following links:

Diabetes Data Innovation Initiative Request For Proposals

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- Nonprofit Letter of Inquiry

- For-profit Letter of Inquiry

- International Letter of Inquiry 

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