In Celebration of World Oceans Day

June 8 is World Oceans Day, a global day to recognize the importance of protecting the ocean, its biodiversity and its resources. Today, we celebrate the incredible efforts of grantee organizations working towards healthier oceans and a healthier planet.

While primarily grounded in a place-based approach, Helmsley’s Conservation Program believes that the welfare of people and wild species as well as the threats to biodiversity are not limited by geopolitical boundaries. Indeed, marine ecosystems extend over tremendous distances, far beyond the borders of individual countries. Covering 71 percent of the planet's surface and providing incalculable worth to its ecology, oceans are the Earth's life support system.

To improve biodiversity around the world and to support the health of the world’s oceans, Helmsley is supporting NGOs working in the area of marine conservation.

Some of our partners in this area include the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), who is powering a new vision for marine conservation and supporting the need for sustainable fisheries management; National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Project, who is focused on establishing protected areas in critical marine ecosystems worldwide; Forever Costa Rica, who is promoting sustainable marine conservation efforts in the Eastern Tropical Pacific by linking science and policy; and the Sargasso Sea Commission, who is focused on protecting the Sargasso Sea, the earth’s only sea without a land boundary. 

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