Past Priority Areas

Basic Medical Research

In 2008, Helmsley began making a number of sizeable grants to support preeminent U.S. scientific institutions in basic research projects across a broad array of disciplines, from molecular biology to genomics to stem cells to microbial research. The program supported a range of novel research initiatives, including the development of plant-based vaccines, innovative treatments for traumatic spinal cord injuries, and a number of projects designed to solve highly complex biomedical challenges. Read More >

Biomedical Research Infrastructure

The Biomedical Research Infrastructure Program was developed in 2014 to strengthen the reproducibility of biomedical research and ultimately lower the barriers to breakthrough discoveries. By enhancing the underlying infrastructure for preclinical biomedical research, the program provided grants that catalyzed a shift toward improved research practices that could facilitate new biomedical advances. Read More >


Helmsley's Education Program began in 2008. The Program supported K-12 and higher education initiatives to help ensure access for all students, including those who are economically disadvantaged, to a quality education and the opportunity to attain a meaningful postsecondary credential. Read More >