Case Studies

Understanding the Biological Processes of Digestive Disease

Disorders of the digestive system are among the most prev­alent and persistent health problems today, yet relatively little is known about their causes. These complex illnesses are best studied through collaborations, where interdisci­plinary information-sharing can lead to transformational... Read More

Chasing Common Genomic Culprits in the Quest for Cures

The Salk Institute’s Helmsley Center for Genomic Medicine is a cross-disciplinary collaboration of Salk scientists who together are seeking to understand the common genetic traits across the spectrum of chronic diseases. This film explores the origins of the Center and its novel approach to... Read More

Changing Course for Children with Paralysis

In Louisville, Kentucky, a pediatric neurorecovery team is making unprecedented strides in reversing the once permanent effects of paralysis. Leading this effort is Dr. Andrea Behrman, professor of neurological surgery at the University of Louisville. She helped bring locomotor training to the... Read More

Salk Institute

Unlocking the Secrets of the Genome to Cure Disease

By exploring the common features of widespread chronic diseases, Salk Institute investigators seek to address some of the biggest questions in medical science today. In La Jolla, California, a faculty of innovative biological researchers is working to develop a stronger understanding of human... Read More