Individuals living with T1D often lack the education, services, community resources and financial support to live healthier, higher quality lives. Until there is a cure, there is care and as such, the Trust has committed millions of dollars to T1D support programs. We also fund a range of initiatives to develop practical and scalable care solutions for populations most in need of treatment options and resources. Our outreach programs span nearly 60 different quality of life initiatives across the country and around the world.

Building Strong Community Organizations

For many people living with T1D, there is a scarcity of relevant and quality resources available to help them manage the disease. To fill this void, our program invests in the sustainability of a broad range of local and community-based organizations, including T1D-specific day and sleep-away camps, exercise and fitness resources, free educational publications, patient and family support services, school safety initiatives, and patient advocacy organizations. Our funding is focused on building organizations’ leadership, governance, accessibility and fundraising capacities.

Promoting Care in Areas of Need

In many developing countries, children with T1D die before or soon after diagnosis due to a number of health system failures, including a shortage of trained health providers and a lack of life-saving insulin. The Trust supports the development of integrated, scalable and replicable service delivery models that seek to effect vast and immediate improvements in health outcomes.