Until there is a cure for T1D, we are dedicated to accelerating the development of new technologies that will ease the burden and improve the care of T1D, including better insulin, glucose monitoring, biological and mechanical sensors, and insulin delivery devices. As our singular goal within this portfolio is to get these innovations to people with T1D as quickly as possible, we employ a rigorous, business-minded approach in our grantmaking, often leveraging our investments through collaborations with other major funders as well as with the leading industry players and smaller ventures with promising new technologies.

Automating Insulin Delivery

T1D requires patients and their caregivers to adhere to a 24/7 cycle of monitoring glucose levels and injections in order to avoid serious health complications and even death. The Helmsley T1D Program has funded a range of projects by both academic researchers and for-profit companies to develop technologies including new and improved continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and insulin and glucagon infusion pumps, which can dramatically improve health outcomes while reducing the unrelenting and often imprecise process of patient self-management. These grant projects have worked in parallel with or, in some cases, have directly advanced other Trust-supported efforts to combine these various technologies into an integrated device that will begin to automate glucose control for people with T1D.

Engineering Smarter, Better Therapeutics

Delivering “smarter” insulin and glucagon can help people with T1Dbetter manage their condition on a day-to-day basis. Our grants in this area focus on the development of fully synthetic drug delivery systems to be automatically regulated by the body’s own blood sugar levels. In addition, our T1D Program funds a number of projects that seek to advance the research, development and testing of various forms of biocompatible materials that will support future implantable glucose regulating therapies.

Incubating Emerging Technologies

The Helmsley T1D Program knows that today’s incredible ideas will result in tomorrow’s incredible treatments. As part of our long-term strategy to pursue the newest solutions for people living with T1D, we developed an Emerging Technologies Initiative, which funds early stage projects to develop  innovations in insulin pumps, infusion sets, insulin dose sensing, insulin dose control, glucagon rescue technologies, and continuous or self-monitoring systems.