Crohn’s Colitis Cure

Date of Award



Disease Management



Term of Grant

24 months

Project Title

Enhancing Inflammatory Bowel Disease Care: Consumer-Centric Portal for Better Communication & Reduced Navigation Stress

Project Description

People with IBD conventionally rely on healthcare professionals for critical information about their care. This is warranted to a degree but sometimes inadvertently fosters dependency, given limitations on clinician time and conventional care scheduling. Consequently, many patients experience delays in care, which are known to worsen quality of life and health outcomes and could be addressed with timely information to facilitate earlier self/co-care. This proposal aims to address these challenges by creating a consumer-centric portal within the CCCare platform that provides patients access to their medical records, asynchronous communication with their treatment team, IBD educational materials, tools & support organizations, and information on studies recruiting patients. If successful, this project will empower consumers by democratizing access to crucial health information, equipping them with knowledge that enables proactive self-care and improves patient-to-clinician engagement and communication, thus reducing care navigation stress & improving outcomes and quality of life for people with IBD