Our Grants

Helen Keller International
A Continued Path to Resilience and Empowerment
01.10.2022$4,996,540Sub-Saharan Africa
National Park Foundation
Bering Land Bridge Visitor Center
12.20.2021$4,460,800Sub-Saharan Africa, Conservation
Simulation in Motion Montana, Inc.
Capacity Building For a Sustainable Simulation in Motion Montana Program
12.20.2021$500,000Rural Healthcare, Workforce
Ziv Medical Center, Zefat
Purchase of two extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines for Ziv Medical Center
12.20.2021$151,611Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
New Destiny Housing Corporation
Piloting Aftercare Intervention to Improve Housing and Health Stability for Formerly Homeless Domestic Violence Survivors
12.20.2021$592,000New York City Regional
Blue Circle Health, Inc.
Development of Blue Circle Health
12.10.2021$45,430,130Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Townsend Health Systems, Inc.
Tele-Pharmacy at Billings Clinic Broadwater
12.06.2021$379,842Rural Healthcare, Delivery
Salvation Army World Service Office
Water System Improvements at Chikankata Mission
11.24.2021$1,200,000Sub-Saharan Africa
Scaling Affordable Safely Managed Water Supply
11.24.2021$5,514,900Sub-Saharan Africa
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
Healthy Future for All (HF4A) – Improving Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Nutrition
11.24.2021$3,362,524Sub-Saharan Africa
Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason
Developing Guidelines for Clinical Practice in Autoantibody Positive Individuals - Recommendations for Populations and Individuals
11.24.2021$70,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Northern Westchester Hospital Association
Maternal Child Health Unit facilities renovation
11.24.2021$400,000Type 1 Diabetes, Other
American Diabetes Association, Inc.
2022-2024 Type 1 Diabetes Camp Initiative
11.19.2021$1,129,955Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Transforming Rural Diabetes Care in Maine
11.19.2021$2,175,377Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Guardian Org Foundation
A Growing Crisis: Non-communicable diseases, an independent journalism series by The Guardian
11.19.2021$1,500,000Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Regents of The University of Michigan
Health economic analysis of Automated Insulin Delivery systems
11.19.2021$1,275,690Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Inc.
2022 Support for the Crohn’s & Colitis Congress presented by The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Inc. and the American Gastroenterological Association
11.01.2021$205,000Crohn's Disease, Disease Management
Tampere University Foundation sr
Development of multiplex microbial antibody screening array for type 1 diabetes studies
11.01.2021$481,830Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Yad Sarah
Home Hospital Program for Southern Israel
11.01.2021$1,376,648Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
The Governors of the University of Calgary
Visualization of COVID-19 Vaccine Serology in Crohn’s Disease: A Knowledge Translation Strategy
11.01.2021$351,903Crohn's Disease, Other
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