Our Grants

Civica Foundation
Affordable insulin
09.27.2022$5,000,000Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Vanderbilt University
Normalizing hypoglycemia-induced glucagon secretion in T1D through pharmacological restoration of alpha-cell calcium handling
09.27.2022$825,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
The Regents of the University of California, San Diego
Mechanism of Action and Safety Study of Liver Targeted Insulin
09.27.2022$2,032,393Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Shaare Zedek Medical Center
Upgraded PET-CT scanner utilizing new technological developments for more accurate, quicker and safer diagnosis and monitoring.
09.27.2022$2,700,000Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
The Milken Institute
FasterCures LeadersLink Program Expansion
09.13.2022$750,000Type 1 Diabetes, Other
Washington University
Restoration of normal glucagon secretory dynamics by direct manipulation of alpha cell signaling
09.13.2022$990,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Chancellor Masters & Scholars Of The University Of Oxford
Alpha cell function in people with type 1 diabetes with and without severe hypoglycemia
09.13.2022$1,274,704Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Saint Louis University
Identify and validate potential therapeutic targets to prevent hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes
09.13.2022$1,982,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Immune checkpoint engineered beta cell as an antigen-specific immunotherapy for the treatment of type I diabetes
09.13.2022$550,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
The Jewish Agency for Israel
Flights for New Immigrants from Russia
08.31.2022$3,000,000Israel, Israel in the World
EB Research Partnership, Inc.
EB Research Partnership Accelerator
08.24.2022$1,000,000Type 1 Diabetes, Other
Mayo Clinic
Military Sciences Medical Training 2022-2024
08.24.2022$432,000Type 1 Diabetes, Other
University of Southern California
CGM Real World
08.24.2022$120,000Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Tidepool Project
Tidepool Data platform expansion
08.24.2022$2,000,000Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
University of Glasgow Court
Combination therapy with BIOlogics and Partial enteral nutrition In adults with active ileocolonic Crohn’s disease: The BIOPIC Study
08.24.2022$2,080,024Crohn's Disease, Prevention
River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic
Tele-Emergency Services for River's Edge Hospital
08.24.2022$197,175Rural Healthcare, Delivery
Pioneer Medical Center
Tele-Pharmacy at Pioneer Medical Center
08.24.2022$374,478Rural Healthcare, Delivery
University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
Preclinical Development to advance a type 1 diabetes antigen-specific immunotherapy called SAgA-T1D
08.10.2022$3,025,839Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Pennington County Health and Human Services
Pennington County Crisis Stabilization Unit
08.10.2022$4,000,000Rural Healthcare, Delivery
St Luke Health Care Foundation
Replacement of Essential Health Care Equipment
07.27.2022$1,005,020Sub-Saharan Africa
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