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Inside Philanthropy Spotlights Helmsley’s Coalition-Building Efforts to Enhance Noncommunicable Disease Treatment Globally

Following two recent grants to World Health Organization Global Diabetes Compact and the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa, Liz Longley from Inside Philanthropy called Helmsley a “movement builder” in the “high stakes race to manage noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)” in low- and middle-income countries. Global barriers to equitable healthcare are deeply entrenched, but Helmsley is working with many partners to ensure that people living with chronic illnesses have access to the care they need. Read why Type 1 Diabetes Program Officer James Reid is hopeful that “where we’ve been is not where we’re going” in the global movement to expand access to high-quality healthcare for type 1 diabetes and other NCDs: https://bit.ly/3OiXioR