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New York Times Magazine Profiles the Helmsley-Supported ECMO Truck and Work of Dr. Demetris Yannopoulos

In an extensive cover story, The New York Times Magazine featured the work of Dr. Demetris Yannopoulos, including the Helmsley-supported ECMO truck. The article details the way Dr. Yannopoulos and his team created a rapid response protocol to get cardiac arrest patients on ECPR. Part of this response system was the Helmsley-supported ECMO truck, which carries ECMO technology directly to a patient. Seconds matter during a cardiac emergency, and this mobile system shortens the amount of time it takes to get a patient life-saving care.

Helmsley Trustee Walter Panzirer said, “for the past seven years, Dr. Demetris Yannopoulos and his team at the University of Minnesota Medical School have been at the vanguard of ECPR for cardiac arrest care, saving lives that standard resuscitation could not bring back. We believed in Dr. Yannopoulos’s vision from day one and are proud to support his efforts to improve ECPR and democratize this life-saving treatment.”

Read the article here.