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Wall Street Journal: New York City Tries to Link Nexus of Doctors Serving the Homeless

The Wall Street Journal recently announced the Collaborative for Homeless Healthcare, a new coalition of healthcare providers working together to enhance efforts to address the unique health needs of people experiencing homelessness in New York City. Funded by Helmsley, the Collaborative, which includes Care for the Homeless, the Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS), Project Renewal, and New York City’s Department of Homeless Services, aims to change how care is delivered to this high-need population.

In New York City, limited information-sharing and coordination between providers makes continuity of care for homeless patients difficult. And as a highly mobile population, patients connect to care at shelters, hospitals, and health social service providers that are often not connected to each other. By investing in innovative ways to access and coordinate healthcare for homeless New Yorkers, the Collaborative aims to contribute to better quality care and improved health outcomes for those who need it most.

“We know poor health can lead to prolonged homelessness,” said Tracy Perrizo, Program Officer for Helmsley’s New York City Program. “It’s a vicious cycle.”

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