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Our Grants

Engineering Ministries International USA
Minga Mission Hospital Development
04.02.2024 $4,635,432.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
International Water Management Institute
Digital Innovations for a Water Secure Africa
01.24.2024 $5,999,749.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Living Goods
Digitizing Community Health
01.24.2024 $1,100,222.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Medicines Development for Global Health (MDGH)
Advancing the Fight Against Onchocerciasis
01.24.2024 $1,014,170.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Share Trust Inc.
Building Community Driven Collective Action
01.24.2024 $4,195,677.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Catholic Relief Services-USCCB
Expanding Community Recovery and Resilience
01.08.2024 $4,500,000.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Villages of Hope: Africa Society
Infrastructure Improvements and Expansion
01.08.2024 $253,122.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Bridges to Prosperity, Inc.
Transformative Connectivity in Rural Zambia
01.08.2024 $6,581,500.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Splash International
WASH in Schools for Everyone
12.19.2023 $597,840.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Stichting PharmAccess International
SafeCare: A Business Model for Healthcare Quality
09.19.2023 $1,999,607.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Ghana Rural Integrated Development
Leyaata Hospital Medical Housing
09.06.2023 $751,636.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Catholic Relief Services-USCCB
Helping Mothers and Newborns Survive and Thrive
09.06.2023 $4,456,743.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Living Water International
Scaling Integrated WASH Services
08.23.2023 $7,845,288.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Clinton Health Access Initiative Inc
Improving Medical Oxygen Production and Utilization
07.24.2023 $7,035,975.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
St Luke Health Care Foundation
Hope Center for Women and Children
06.07.2023 $13,018,444.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Solidaridad Network Foundation Limited
Hooves for Sustainability (H4S)
05.22.2023 $1,537,944.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Project Concern Zambia Limited
Empowered Children and Adolescents Program Plus
05.22.2023 $3,570,408.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
Trachoma Elimination in Zambia
05.22.2023 $2,193,748.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
ReachAnother Foundation
Expanding Pediatric Neurosurgery Capacity in Ethiopia
05.22.2023 $3,485,429.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale - E.T.S.
Expand Development of Lasallian University of Africa
05.09.2023 $784,080.00 Sub-Saharan Africa
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