Our Grants

ALYN Hospital – Rehabilitation Center for Children and Youth
ALYN Center for Innovation in Pediatric Rehabilitation Research
09.08.2021$2,189,002Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
The Sderot Development Foundation
Establishing a Warm Home Complex for children at risk in Sderot
09.08.2021$3,844,073Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
The University of Western Australia
CGM Assessments of ENDIA Children
09.08.2021$269,056Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Franciscan Care Services Inc
Tele-Emergency Services at Franciscan Healthcare
09.08.2021$174,454Rural Healthcare, Delivery
Technische Universität Dresden
Genomic influence of maternal type 1 diabetes - understanding protection against type 1 diabetes
09.08.2021$482,520Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Scaling the NUMA Model to Deliver Safe, Sustainable Water
09.08.2021$4,293,540Sub-Saharan Africa
Uppsala University Hospital
Isolating islets to understand alpha cell dysfunction and hypoglycemia in T1D
09.08.2021$400,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Children’s Hospital Corporation
Development of novel Glucose Responsive Glucagon (GRG) delivery system for the prevention of hypoglycemia for people with T1D
09.08.2021$3,489,763Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Isolating islets to understand hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes
09.08.2021$600,000Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Regents of The University of Michigan
A System Biology Approach to Understanding Persistent Symptoms in Quiescent Crohn’s Disease
08.24.2021$270,158Crohn's Disease, Therapeutics
Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Building Resilience through Journalism and Education
08.24.2021$835,703Sub-Saharan Africa
University of Zurich
Generation of a bispecific interleukin-2 immunotherapy for preferential and pancreas-targeted stimulation of regulatory T cells in the treatment of type-1 diabetes mellitus
08.24.2021$245,080Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
The Governors of the University of Calgary
Quantitative Proteomic Profiling of Fibrostenotic Crohn’s Disease Patients
08.24.2021$1,298,403Crohn's Disease, Diagnostics
Vayu Health
Feasibility Pilot to Design a Value Based Payment Ecosystem to Improve Health and Equity for Medicaid Beneficiaries Living with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
08.10.2021$2,556,117Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac
Development of a Novel Glucose-Responsive Glucagon Delivery System
08.10.2021$1,826,785Type 1 Diabetes, Improve Outcomes
Centre Hospitalier Regional de Nancy
PreveNtion of Extra-intestinal Manifestations and cOmorbidities in Crohn’s disease: The NEMO project
08.10.2021$713,446Crohn's Disease, Disease Management
Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces
The Uniform to University Scholarship Program
07.27.2021$1,003,200Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
The Tel Aviv Jaffa Academic College
Scholarship Support for Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Men Pursuing B.S. Degrees in Nursing
07.27.2021$860,542Israel, Healthcare & Preparedness
The University of Adelaide
ENDIA Expanded Support
07.27.2021$1,039,999Type 1 Diabetes, Prevent & Delay
Baptist Medical Centre
Emergency Centre and Doctor Housing Development
07.27.2021$1,513,500Sub-Saharan Africa
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