Dahiana B. Caro

Dahiana B. Caro

Dahiana Caro is an Accountant at the Helmsley Charitable Trust. As an Accountant, Dahiana works closely with the Controller and Director of Investment Accounting, assisting with the preparation of financial statements, audit and tax returns, reviewing accounts payable, supporting investment accounting, managing grants payments and the corporate credit card program.

Dahiana has worked at Helmsley since December 2011, starting as a Finance Assistant. She was promoted to Junior Accountant in July 2012 and Accountant in May 2016.

Prior to joining Helmsley, Dahiana held positions at various banks and at a multinational recruiting firm, where she was a project manager in the commercial sales department.

Originally from Paraguay, Dahiana attended the Universidad Nacional de Asunción and earned her bachelor's degree in accounting, where she qualified as a C.P.A. She has taken a number of accounting courses at Baruch and NYU since joining Helmsley.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, watching soccer and attending concerts, and she is a huge fan of The Beatles.